Arcade Game Missile Command (Free Online Game)

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Arcade Game Missile Command needs to be at the top of your list of games to play if you enjoy the history of video games.

Arcade Game Missile Command: A Game that Makes You Immersive

During the golden age of video gaming, Arcade Game Missile Command emerged as an unstoppable force in the gaming market. Atari, Inc. released Missile Command in 1980, and players still adore it for its simple gameplay and Cold War-era concept. Arcade Game Missile Command gave players a virtual platform to confront the harsh reality of nuclear conflict when the threat of mutually assured annihilation loomed large over the globe. 

Gameplay Of Arcade Game Missile Command

Basically, the Arcade Game Missile Command was a test of accuracy and quick thinking.

  •  Steering Clear of Approaching Missiles for Your Cities

In this game, the player assumes command of a regional missile defense system that must protect six cities from an unrelenting assault by intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). A further complicating factor was the player's restricted arsenal of defensive missiles.

Players strategically launch counter-missiles from three silo bases to explode the approaching threats by moving a targeting reticule around the screen with a trackball or joystick. When a missile reaches a certain point, some of it breaks into numerous warheads, which increases difficulty tremendously.

  • An Intense yet Rewarding Challenge

The appeal of Missile Command is its simple goal but very challenging execution. There's pressure to defend your towns as wave after wave of missiles rains down. A thrilling and intense gameplay cycle is created by the regular explosions and the frenzied targeting and launching of counter-missiles, which keeps players hooked.

The control system, the fast-paced gameplay, and the strategies are all almost perfect. The sound effects are great and contribute to the atmosphere of the game, especially the explosions.



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Cast of Elements

  • Cities: Three cities on either side of the Delta Base make up the total of six cities that are ever displayed on the screen at once. Cities will be destroyed if even one enemy missile or smart bomb finds its way into the city. The game ends when every city is destroyed.


  • Anti-Ballistic Missiles (ABM): The defense missiles you fire to keep your cities safe are known as anti-ballistic missiles. Ten ABMs are present in each wave of a missile base. Any missile base hit by an assault missile or smart bomb destroys the wave's remaining source of ABMs and makes the missile base unusable until the next wave. Every ABM you still have at the end of each wave earns you additional points.


  • Alpha base: The missile base located in the lower-left corner of the screen is known as Alpha Base. To launch an ABM from the Alpha base, use the Launch Control button on the leftmost side. 


  • Delta Base: The missile base is located in the screen's bottom center. From the Delta base, launch an ABM by pressing the middle Launch Control button. 


  • Omega Base: The missile base is located in the screen's lower right corner. Click the Launch Control button located on the right side to initiate an ABM from the Omega base.


  • Targeting crosshair: To fire the next ABM, move the targeting crosshair with the trackball to the target location, then press any Launch Control button. The ABM will explode where the crosshair was positioned after you press the Launch Control button.


  • Attack Missiles: Their main objective is to destroy your missile sites and cities. An attack missile hailstorm precedes each missile wave. They never stray from their course. But they could become MIRVs instead.


  • Killer Satellite: Killer satellites are menacing-looking spacecraft that shoot attack missiles while circling the sky at a mid-level altitude.


  • Multiple Independently-targeted Re-entry Vehicles (MIRV): There are multiple independently-targeted re-entry vehicles (MIRV). An attack missile can transform into a multi-warheaded MIRV without any prior notice. The MIRV precisely targets every new missile it launches.


  • Bomber: A large, slowly traveling object that soars through the sky at a mid-level altitude, but be careful! It launches offensive missiles.


  • Smart Bomb: ABMs can cause most explosion clouds, so Smart Bombs help to avoid it. To destroy it, your ABM needs to explode next to it. Otherwise, you can also squeeze it in between two explosions.

Final thoughts

Arcade Game Missile Command is a great gaming classic. It needs to be at the top of your list of games to play if you enjoy the history of video games. It contributed to the revolution of the point-and-click gaming genre. Even after all these years, Arcade Game Missile Command still attracts thousands of gamers each month.